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Take a tour - Welcome

Thank you for visiting the MindSpot Clinic, a free service funded by the Australian Government, providing online and telephone treatment for anxiety and depression.

This short tour is designed to tell you more about:

Our Clinic

Our Clinic

Screening Assessment

Screening Assessment

Treatment Courses

Online Treatment Courses

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Take a tour - Who we are

We are a team of mental health clinicians based in Sydney, Australia, who are passionate about supporting people to recover from anxiety and depression.

Professor Nickolai Titov (Macquarie University) Project Director
Ms Carol Purtell (Macquarie University) Clinic Director
Dr Blake Dear (Macquarie University) Clinical and Operations Advisor
Associate Professor James Bennett-Levy (University of Sydney) Training and Supervision Advisor
Professor Ron Rapee (Macquarie University) Clinical Advisor
Ms Susan Andersen (BeyondBlue Partner) Deputy CEO BeyondBlue
Professor Britt Klein (University of Ballarat) Advisor

The MindSpot Clinic is a not-for-profit initiative of Access Macquarie Limited, Macquarie University.

Take a tour - Why did we build the MindSpot Clinic?

Accessing assessment and treatment for anxiety and depression can be difficult.

More than 3 Million

Australian adults suffer disabling levels of stress, worry, anxiety, low mood and depression each year

Less than 20% see a mental health professional

Less than 20% see a mental health professional.

We believe access to mental health services can be improved by using tools like the internet and telephone.

Take a tour - Our Services

We provide the following free internet or telephone services to Australian adults:



To help you understand more about symptoms and treatment options.

Treatment Image


We provide online treatment courses based on the latest research to help you recover from stress, low mood, anxiety or depression.

We can also help you locate services in your area.

Please note: The MindSpot Clinic is not a crisis service. If you require urgent assistance please call the Emergency Services on 000, or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Take a tour - Screening assessments

You can complete a screening assessment online or via telephone:







Screening assessments help to identify symptoms of anxiety and depression. Please note that the MindSpot assessments are helpful, but should not replace a full clinical assessment conducted by a mental health professional.

Some personal information is required to complete a screening assessment, however this information is stored securely and treated confidentially.

Take a tour - Results of a screening assessment

Screening Assessment iPad

After completing your Online Screening Assessment, one of our friendly MindSpot therapists will be in contact with you to discuss the results of your assessment and treatment options (usually within 2-3 days).

A written report including results of your Online Screening Assessment and referral or treatment options will be available online.

Take a tour - About Treatment Courses

The MindSpot Clinic Treatment Courses are clinically effective and 95% of patients say they would recommend these courses to a friend. Treatment courses take 8 weeks.

During each week of a course, people do the following:

  1. Log in and read an online lesson or receive materials sent by post (there are 4 to 6 Lessons in each course)
  2. Practice skills taught in the lesson
  3. Read stories about how other people used the skills to overcome anxiety and depression
  4. Choose to receive weekly support from a friendly MindSpot therapist or contact them for any questions they may have

Recovery takes commitment and hard work. Based on what people have told us, we recommend that at least 4 hours to be spent each week on the course to get the most benefit.

Treatment Courses

Take a tour - Inside a Treatment Course

When you log in to your treatment course you will find:

Inside a treatment course

Take a tour - Lessons

Each lesson provides helpful information about:

  • Understanding anxiety and depression
  • Strategies to help manage core symptoms
  • Practical skills for you to apply each week to help you to recover
  • Stories about how others have applied the skills to help them to recover
Lessons - Ipad

Take a tour - MindSpot Clinic Therapists

An important part of each Treatment Course is the MindSpot therapist, who is available to:

  • Guide you through the course and answer your questions
  • Contact you briefly each week via email or telephone
  • Help you learn and practice new skills
  • Help motivate you

Take a tour - Our Partners

We are proud to work with the following partners:

Beyond Blue
Mental Health Association NSW
Head to Health
Macquarie University

Take a tour - Our research results

The MindSpot Clinic Treatment Courses were created and evaluated in clinical trials at Macquarie University with thousands of patients.

  • 95% say they would recommend our courses
  • 98% tell us it was worth their time joining the course
  • By the end of a Course, 3 out of 4 people report making good progress at learning to manage symptoms
  • Improvements are sustained at 12 month follow-up

Please note that we do not guarantee that people will benefit from our courses. Recovery takes commitment and hard work! People have told us they need to spend at least 4 hours each week on the course to get the most benefit. But most people tell us that with gentle and consistent practice, they feel better and more confident.

Take a tour - Thank you

Thank you for visiting our website.

You are welcome to send us questions via email (click here).

Best wishes,
Nickolai Titov and the MindSpot Team