Frequently asked questions - MindSpot Clinic


No! Our service is fully funded by the Australian Government, and there are no costs involved for our patients.

For professional and legal reasons, we are only able to provide services to people who are living in Australia and are eligible for Medicare-funded services.

We offer services to Australian adults aged 18 years and over. There is no upper age-limit, and some of the people using MindSpot services are aged in their 90s. If you are under 18 we encourage you to talk to your general practitioner or another health professional about your symptoms. Your general practitioner can conduct an assessment, provide helpful information, and either treat you themselves or can recommend appropriate treatment. Read about other services especially for younger people.

During your Online Assessment you will be asked to answer questions about anxiety, mood, and tell us a little about yourself. The questionnaire usually takes 20–30 minutes to complete. The Online Assessment will help you learn more about your symptoms and will help us to advise you about your treatment options, including whether a MindSpot treatment course is suitable for you.

There are two ways to do an assessment. You can complete an Online Assessment and we will contact you to provide you with feedback. If you do not have internet connection, you can telephone us on 1800 61 44 34 and we will help you to complete an assessment over the telephone. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

The first thing you have to do is complete an Online Assessment, which you can do at any time. We would then need to have a phone discussion with you to ensure the course is suitable to your needs. This will help you learn more about your symptoms and will help us to advise you about your treatment options, including a MindSpot treatment course. If you choose to do a MindSpot treatment course you can access the course via the internet, or we can post the materials out to you. We are very happy to answer any questions you might have, so please contact us.


MindSpot treatment courses are not suitable for people with very severe depression or other very severe symptoms. Read our information about seeking urgent help.

Our results tell us that the more time you spend working through our courses, the more you are going to benefit. If you choose to start treatment, we expect that you want to learn about your condition and are prepared to follow structured advice to overcome it. We expect that over the eight weeks you should aim to spend at least four hours per week (spread out across the week in small ‘chunks’ of time) working on the lessons and do-it-yourself tasks. The do-it-yourself tasks are important, because just reading about helpful techniques for managing symptoms won’t fix the problem. For example, if you wanted to lose weight you wouldn’t just read a book about weight loss, you would also change your exercise habits and change what and how much you ate. The same applies to the MindSpot treatment courses, particularly because most people have had their symptoms for many years.

You can choose whether to have weekly contact with a MindSpot therapist, or to only have contact with a therapist when you have questions. You will also be asked whether you prefer to be contacted via telephone or our secure message system.

It is important to have realistic expectations about what you will achieve from our courses. For example, if you wanted to lose weight, you wouldn’t expect that you would lose 15 kilos in a week. You would probably take weeks or even months to achieve your goal through good exercise and eating habits. This is the same with our courses. It takes patience and effort to take control over your symptoms. And, as with weight loss, it is important that you keep practicing the techniques, even after the course has finished.

Each treatment course involves perseverance, determination, and courage to start making changes. We cannot guarantee that our courses will benefit everyone. But, our experience with tens of thousands of Australians is that participants completing our courses experience a 50% reduction in symptoms (on average). If you follow our guidelines, we expect that you will learn the foundations for success and, with consistent practice, you should gain mastery over your symptoms. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

New treatment courses begin every two weeks. We believe that by carefully organising our schedules we can offer our patients the best treatment we can provide. We also believe that participating in a course requires commitment. And, people have told us that having a week or more to think about a course gives them time to organise other responsibilities in their life.

You can talk with them about MindSpot and invite them to visit our website and read more about the courses. And, if they are interested, encourage them to complete an Online Assessment.

​We hope that by using MindSpot services that you will learn more about how to control your symptoms. You can withdraw from an assessment or treatment at any time, without any penalty. You are also welcome to contact us to ask questions. But, if you have medical questions, you should first see your general practitioner. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your treatment we encourage you to contact the Clinic Director, via email at , or call us on 1800 61 44 34.

​We undertake to provide you with the best service that we can and we are dedicated to supporting people to recover from anxiety and depression. But, to help us to help you, we need you to be honest and open about your symptoms. If you would like treatment, please only apply if you are really determined to challenge yourself, to change some of your habits, and are prepared to work consistently at this, every day, for eight weeks.

​Please also help us by responding to our telephone calls or emails as soon as possible. This will help us to assist you to get the most out of our courses and assist you should your symptoms appear not to be improving. We reserve the right to withdraw people who do not respond to our attempts at contacting them. Each course also includes weekly questionnaires. Please complete all questionnaires as this will help us to monitor your progress and will also help us to improve our service. Importantly, you are required to complete online questionnaires at the start of the course and throughout treatment in order to have continued access to the materials.

​You are required to be residing in Australia for the duration of the course. We strongly recommend that people do not start our courses if they have planned an event (e.g. holidays, exam, significant medical treatments) that will affect their ability to do the course. We have new courses starting every fortnight, so you are welcome to ask to enrol in a course at a more convenient time.

​MindSpot is not a crisis service and is not able to offer immediate assistance for mental health crises. To help you to stay safe, you must agree to contact one or more of the following services if you become concerned about your symptoms or safety:

  • Your general practitioner
  • Lifeline on 13 11 14
  • The Suicide Callback Service on 1300 659 467 or
  • Emergency Services on 000