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Our assessment

​We believe the first step towards emotional wellbeing is to understand people’s symptoms of anxiety and depression and find out how these impact on their life. This is where the MindSpot Online Assessment comes in.

MindSpot has provided free and confidential Online Assessments to more than 100,000 Australians to help them better understand their anxiety, stress, worry, depression and low mood.

The Online Assessment consists of questions about your symptoms and how they are affecting your wellbeing. It is available online and takes 20–30 minutes to complete. A MindSpot therapist uses the answers from your Online Assessment to provide you with information about your treatment options and other services that may help.

Watch: 90-second video on the MindSpot Online Assessment

You must be 18 years old or over, currently living in Australia and eligible for Medicare to do a MindSpot Online Assessment. If you are under 18 years old, take a look at other services that can help.

If you are not quite ready to do the Online Assessment but want to know if you have symptoms of anxiety or depression, you can take our short anxiety or depression quiz instead.

​Completing an Online Assessment can be useful for:

  • People who want to enrol in a MindSpot treatment course. Completing an Online Assessment is compulsory before enrolling in a course.
  • People who are concerned about their emotional wellbeing and think they may need help.
  • People who have completed the MindSpot anxiety or depression quiz and want to learn more about their emotional wellbeing.

Online assessment process

After completing your Online Assessment, a MindSpot therapist will review your answers and prepare a written assessment report summarising your key symptoms and providing a range of treatment options you may wish to consider.​

Receiving your assessment report

  • You will receive your report via email, and can choose to discuss your results with a MindSpot therapist. People have told us this confidential discussion with a therapist is incredibly helpful as it helps us to tailor our recommendations to your specific situation.
  • If you are happy to discuss your report with a MindSpot therapist, a therapist will contact you one to three days after you have completed the Online Assessment to schedule an appointment.
  • The MindSpot therapist will help you identify the type and pattern of symptoms you are experiencing and the severity of those symptoms.
  • You can also request to have a copy of your report sent to your chosen health professional. We do not send your report to anyone without your permission.

Next steps

  • Based on your symptoms and preferences, the MindSpot therapist may recommend that you join one of the MindSpot treatment courses and/or other things that may help.
  • If it is a suitable option and you choose to start a MindSpot treatment course, the MindSpot therapist will enrol you and get you started in the next available course.

Next steps: