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Pain Course

What Is The Aim Of The Pain Course?

​The Pain Course is an internet-delivered pain management program for adults aged 18 years and over. The course aims to help people with chronic pain manage the impact of pain on their day-to-day life and their emotional wellbeing. The course is not designed to ‘cure’ or ‘treat’ pain but to help people manage pain and maintain a good quality of life despite pain. The Pain Course provides the information and practical skills you would normally receive from a mental health professional if you attended a specialist pain management clinic.

What is involved?

​The Pain Course consists of five lessons over an eight week period and you receive weekly support from your therapist. The lessons provide essential information and teach practical self-management skills to help you do the following:

  • Understand chronic pain and how it differs from acute pain
  • Recognise the cycle of symptoms involved in pain, anxiety and depression
  • Break the cycle of symptoms
  • Recognise and challenge unhelpful thoughts and beliefs
  • Recognise and manage physical symptoms of pain, anxiety and depression
  • Manage levels of day-to-day physical activity safely and confidently, despite pain
  • Continue to manage your pain and emotional wellbeing once the course has finished.

In addition to the lessons, the course includes DIY Guides to help you better understand and practice skills taught in the lessons. There are also lots of additional resources teaching other important and practical skills, as well as stories from other people with chronic pain who have previously participated in the course.​

Who is this course suitable for?

The Pain Course is designed for adults aged 18 years and over with chronic pain and symptoms of anxiety, low mood and depression, who want to improve the management of their pain and emotional wellbeing. Participating in the course is recommended for those who have at least four hours a week to spend working on the course and practicing the skills taught.​

The course is not suitable for those who are currently suicidal, do not have access to the internet or who are not Australian residents. If you have very severe symptoms, we strongly recommend that you see a GP, a headspace centre, or a psychologist or psychiatrist for assessment and treatment.​

We strongly recommend you discuss your participation in this course with your GP and other treating doctors. Maintaining a good working relationship with your GP is essential when you have chronic pain and they can help you decide whether this program is going to be suitable for you.​

You can find out if you are eligible for this course by completing our MindSpot Online Screening Assessment.​

Our Results

The Pain Course was trialled at the eCentreClinic in clinical trials with more than 1,500 Australians. The results of these trials were very encouraging.​

  • More than 90% of participants reported the course was worth their time and that they would recommend it to other people.
  • Most participants made good clinical improvements in how much they were able to do day-to-day and their emotional wellbeing.
  • Many participants were also able to work through the course with very little contact with therapists and still make very encouraging improvements.

Next steps

You can find out more about our treatment courses by clicking here.​

Joining the Pain Course is also easy. Complete a MindSpot Clinic Online Screening Assessment. This will provide you with information about your symptoms and treatment options. If it is suitable for your symptoms, you will then get access to the next Pain Course.​

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Development of the Pain Course was partially funded by the NHMRC, the NSW Motor Accidents Authority and iCare Lifetime Care. This course was written by Dr Blake Dear and Professor Nick Titov.