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Information for health professionals

​MindSpot provides high quality and convenient online assessment and treatment for adults with anxiety and depression.

MindSpot is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the Federal Government, meaning it is a free service for you and your patients.

The MindSpot team comprises psychologists, psychiatrists, mental-health workers and researchers committed to reducing barriers to effective care.

Most people who complete assessment or treatment with MindSpot come directly to us. But we also welcome referrals from health professionals.


1. Referral

Register for a MindSpot health professional account to quickly and securely refer patients and track their progress online. Alternatively, print a referral form and fax it to 02 9475 4999.

2. Assessment

We will contact your patient and support them to complete the MindSpot Online Screening Assessment.

3. Treatment

We will support your patient to complete an eight-week evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) online course. They will able to access weekly contact from one of our experienced therapists. We will monitor their progress and safety and will check their progress three months after completing a course.

4. Feedback about assessment and treatment

Health professionals with a MindSpot account can monitor patient progress in real time. For patients who have given consent, we will send you their Assessment Report, as well as updates about their treatment if they enrol in a MindSpot treatment course.


Our treatment courses consistently produce encouraging results. Studies of more than 15,000 people who have completed a MindSpot treatment course show that:

  • Most participants experience an average 50% reduction in the severity of their symptoms of anxiety and low mood.
  • Most participants who work on the treatment courses for at least eight weeks, are likely to see improvements that are sustained for at least three months after treatment ends. In fact, results from eCentreClinic with 1,500 people tell us the improvements are sustained for at least two years after treatment.
  • 95% of participants would recommend a MindSpot treatment course to a friend
  • We obtain similar results regardless of a person’s age, gender, symptoms or where they live. Participants in the MindSpot treatment courses include people or all ages, from all walks of life with varying levels of symptoms (mild to severe), and from both cities and rural areas across Australia.

  • 50-percent-reduction-in-symptoms-graph

Register for a MindSpot account to make online referrals and receive electronic updates

  • Register online or via fax
  • Registration is once off and will give you access to refer patients to MindSpot
  • Refer multiple patients using the one login
  • Online referral is fast and can be done at any time (24/7)
  • Receive electronic updates about your patient’s progress in treatment*
  • Access and download your patient’s assessment reports at any time *

Fax referral and receive patient updates via fax or mail

  • Download and print a referral. Fax the completed form to 02 9475 4999
  • Referring health practitioners will receive patient progress reports via mail *

* Patient’s consent is sought at the point of referral and throughout their engagement at MindSpot. They can withdraw consent at any time by advising us, at which point health professional’s access to their records will be restricted.