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About Our Assessments

The MindSpot Clinic aims to provide people with helpful information about symptoms of anxiety and depression. To do this we provide a free and confidential screening service to help people better understand their symptoms of anxiety, stress, worry, depression and low mood. The Mindspot Online Screening Assessment consists of a number of questions about your symptoms and how they are affecting your wellbeing. Following assessment we provide information about treatment options and other services which may help.

The MindSpot Online Screening Assessment will take approximately 10-20 minutes.

You can take a brief quiz for anxiety by clicking here, or for depression by clicking here instead.

There are four steps to completing the MindSpot Online Screening Assessment

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1. Create A Secure Online Account

Complete online questionaire

2. Complete the MindSpot Online Screening Assessment


3. Select your preferred method of contact: phone, email or post


4. Download your Assessment Report and discuss treatment options

What happens after I’ve completed the MindSpot Online Screening Assessment?

  • A MindSpot therapist will look at your answers to help identify they type and pattern of symptoms you are experiencing, and the severity of those symptoms.
  • They will then contact you 2-3 days after you have completed the Assessment using your selected contact method. Our preference is to discuss your results with you over the phone.
  • Regardless of selected contact method a written Assessment Report summarising your results will be available for you to download.
  • The Assessment Report will provide you with a summary of your specific symptoms, and services that can help you.
  • Based on your preferences and symptoms, our therapists may recommend that you join one of our Treatment Courses. You can also request that we sent a copy of the Assessment Report to your chosen health professional.

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If you do not have Internet access, please call us on 1800 61 44 34 to begin your assessment