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Our Research

​Our main goal at MindSpot is to help people overcome their symptoms of anxiety and depression so they can live a full and satisfying life. We know it takes courage and determination to make a change to improve our emotional wellbeing and we admire those people who take up the challenge.

To give you the best chance of improving your emotional wellbeing, we ensure that each MindSpot treatment course is rigorously tested and proven to work. But it doesn’t stop there. We are always working on ways to improve our treatment courses so they are as effective as possible. That’s why MindSpot treatment courses are trusted by thousands of Australians each year. Our courses are recognised worldwide as best practice and have been adopted and shown to work in several other countries, including Canada and Ireland.

​MindSpot treatment courses are developed by researchers at Macquarie University’s eCentreClinic. When a new course is developed, clinical trials are used to repeatedly test and develop the course. Before being made available to the public, MindSpot treatment courses are evaluated by hundreds of people, so we know they are safe and effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

As a world-leading provider of internet-delivered cognitive and behavioural therapy (iCBT), MindSpot strives to inform best practice. Researchers at MindSpot and the eCentreClinic frequently contribute research papers in peer-reviewed scientific publications to add to the world of knowledge and build an emotionally resilient world.

MindSpot’s evidence base now includes:

eCentreClinic and MindSpot

​MindSpot’s confidential Online Assessment has helped more than 100,000 Australians understand their emotional wellbeing and access treatment to manage their symptoms of anxiety and depression. More than 90% of people report that completing the assessment was worth their time and more than 90% would recommend the assessment to others.

Our free assessment can be completed online or via telephone, enabling more than 400 new people to access our services each week.


Our treatment courses consistently produce encouraging results. Studies of more than 15,000 people who have completed a MindSpot treatment course show that:

  • Most participants experience an average 50% reduction in the severity of their symptoms of anxiety and low mood. Ninety-five percent of people report that they would refer MindSpot courses to a friend.
  • Most participants who work on the treatment courses for at least eight weeks, are likely to see improvements that are sustained for at least three months after treatment ends. In fact, results from eCentreClinic with 1,500 people tell us the improvements are sustained for at least two years after treatment.
  • 95% of participants would recommend a MindSpot treatment course to a friend
  • We obtain similar results regardless of a person’s age, gender, symptoms or where they live. Participants in the MindSpot treatment courses include people of all ages, from all walks of life with varying levels of symptoms (mild to severe), and from both cities and rural areas across Australia.

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