Covid Funding Update - MindSpot Clinic

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Further Funding for MindSpot: Supporting Australians through COVID-19, Friday 10 July 2020

​MindSpot has been committed to supporting Australians through COVID-19, and is now among a national network of services to receive additional funding from the Commonwealth Government.

Aligned with the Department of Health’s commitment to supporting Australians’ mental health through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, MindSpot has received an additional $832,000 for the next 12 months.

Friday 10 July

MindSpot: here for all Australians

COVID-19 has sparked the busiest months on record for the MindSpot Clinic, with our team of clinicians seeing 20-30% more consumers seeking assessment and treatment. Additionally, MindSpot has had a 90% increase in telephone callers and website users seeking support and advice.

Whilst many traditional face-to-face psychology services have struggled with reduced availability over this period, MindSpot has been able to provide continuous care for people across Australia.

Though the demands on the Clinic have increased, MindSpot’s staff of mental health professionals have found it both challenging and rewarding to be in a position to support the community at this time.

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MindSpot’s Specialist Therapist Katie Ryan described this time as being a period of adaptation.

“The support that people have needed has changed over the course of the pandemic. We had to adapt to people’s immediate needs.”

“There was a lot of fear and uncertainty. As clinicians, we were going through everything with everyone else, but we had to adapt and keep on top of information.”

Funding for the next phase

This extra funding from the Department of Health will allow for more Australians to get high quality and accessible mental health assessments, guidance, resources, and even free access to treatment; during this challenging time.

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On the additional injection of funds, MindSpot Executive Director Professor Nick Titov provided some insights into how MindSpot has responded.

“It has been a very challenging but rewarding time for our team. We experienced very high demand for our services and our team responded with incredible commitment, professionalism and compassion. I am incredibly proud of everyone.”

“These additional funds will allow the clinic to help more Australians build their resilience during these challenging times.”

The funding will be allocated across the clinic’s services targeting an increase in demand, whilst also supporting rural consumers to access services and translating resources into different languages.

Professor Titov further added: “On behalf of MindSpot, PORTS and the eCentreClinic, I would like to acknowledge the Australian Government Department of Health and the Western Australian Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) for their ongoing support."

“I would also like to congratulate our colleagues and friends across the mental health sector for their outstanding work during this time.”