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About MindSpot

MindSpot is a free service for Australian adults who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, stress, depression and low mood. We provide assessment and treatment courses, or we can help you find local services that can help.

The MindSpot team comprises experienced and AHPRA-registered mental health professionals including psychologists, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who are passionate about providing a free and effective service to people all over Australia. We have a dedicated IT team to ensure that this happens as securely and efficiently as possible.

MindSpot is based at Macquarie University, Sydney. We are funded by the Australian Government and contracted by the Department of Health as a regulated clinical service.

MindSpot was born from the world-class psychological research at Macquarie University’s eCentreClinic. Having conducted more than 80 clinical trials involving 9,000 people, the eCentreClinic is internationally recognised for its scientific rigour in developing and evaluating virtual treatments for mental health conditions.

Among the eCentreClinic’s success stories is the development of its flagship online treatment, the Wellbeing Course, which uses the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to teach adults how to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In 2012, the potential of the Wellbeing Course as a safe, cost-effective treatment for the Australian public was recognised when Macquarie University won a competitive tender with the Australian Government, worth $16.4 million. This funding was used to develop and deliver a translational research project to bridge the gap between research and practice and subsequently expand the reach of virtual treatments. The project – called MindSpot – was one of the three main components of the Australian Government’s eMental Health Strategy for Australia, 2012. Since its launch, MindSpot has grown to become a global-leading virtual mental health entity that helps more than 20,000 Australians each year.

Our vision is to build an emotionally resilient world

We are committed to the following values:

  • Caring We act with deep respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of our patients, students, staff and community. We care for our patients and each other as we would care for our loved ones.
  • Integrity We are committed to being consistent, principled, honest and accurate in our actions, decisions and communication. Integrity is the cornerstone of our relationship with each other, our patients and the community.
  • Teamwork We recognise that all individuals bring qualities and talents to share and that by working with each other and with our patients we enhance our work environment and the outcomes of our efforts.
  • Ambition We are ambitious in our effort to achieve excellence in everything we do, exceeding expectations and setting new standards in our field.
  • Innovation We have a special charge to bring new ideas and new evidence-based knowledge into practice at every opportunity to advance health, clinical care and wellbeing, to improve lives.
  • Engagement We willingly engage and collaborate with those beyond the perimeter of our campus and our country to multiply the impact and effectiveness of our work.
  • Quality & Continuous Improvement We are committed to excellence in clinical care and are accountable for our actions. We are committed to create a better version of what we were yesterday.

Professor Nick Titov – Executive Director

Nick is an accomplished leader in the field of digital mental health. He has pioneered work in this field since 2006, and with Professor Blake Dear, has conducted more than 80 clinical trials of digital mental health treatments. Nick’s research and clinical work is focused on developing strategies for reducing barriers to psychological treatments.

Nick has developed and led several digital mental health clinics. He is the Founding Executive Director of MindSpot and PORTS (the Practitioner Online Referral and Treatment Service). His expertise is sought by international bodies, the Australian Government and NGOs.

Professor Blake Dear – Co-Director eCentreClinic

Recognised for his excellence in research, NHMRC Career Development Fellow, Blake Dear is a driving force at Macquarie University’s eCentreClinic.

Blake is involved in a broad range of research projects aimed at increasing access to effective psychological treatments and the quality of psychological care. He has a strong interest in the development and evaluation of transdiagnostic treatments for common mental health difficulties (e.g. anxiety, depression) and programs that support people with significant physical health conditions (e.g. chronic pain, kidney disease, epilepsy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, endometriosis, gastrointestinal diseases and disorders).

Dr. Shane Cross – Director of Clinical Service Development

Shane is the Director of Clinical Service Development at MindSpot. He acts as product manager for the MindSpot Clinical Software Platform, and oversees the co-development and evaluation of innovative technology solutions aimed at improving service quality, accessibility, efficiency, and experience for MindSpot consumers, clinicians and referrers.

Shane a clinical psychologist and researcher with 20 years’ clinical experience across primary, secondary, and tertiary mental health service settings for both youth and adults. He has published numerous articles on person-centred service innovation and digital mental health.

Before joining MindSpot, Shane was the Director of Clinical and Service Implementation on Project Synergy (a large scale national digital mental health reform project) at the University of Sydney; and prior to that was a Clinical Director of Youth Mental Health at the Brain and Mind Centre (University of Sydney) which included two headspace services.

Rheza Tan – Clinic Director

Rheza heads up a team of more than 30 therapists at MindSpot’s clinic who provide telephone and online assessment and treatment services for Australian adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Rheza is a senior psychologist and experienced leader in mental health. He has worked across a broad range of health services and understands the complexities people face when seeking help. He has a keen professional interest in improving people’s access to evidence based mental health services, developing the clinical workforce and finding innovative ways to provide information and treatment for the community.

Casey Minissale – General Manager

Having held several director level positions in the university and government sectors, Casey brings extensive strategic advisory and business operations capability to the executive team. Her wide-ranging experience extends to the financial management of large, complex government grants.

Casey manages the development of projects and initiatives that improve the operational effectiveness of systems, policies and processes across MindSpot. She also oversees the daily operation of multiple departments; implementing improvements and efficiencies while ensuring the integrity of MindSpot services.

We are fortunate to have a number of local and international partnerships to ensure that we stay at the forefront of providing online treatment approaches for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. In addition to the executive team, the local MindSpot team includes: ​

  • Professor Simon Willcock, Macquarie University
  • Professor David Kavanagh, Queensland University of Technology
  • Professor James Bennett-Levy, University of Sydney
  • Carlie Schofield, Indigenous Advisor
  • Alan Woodward (Lifeline)
  • Michael Brown, Beyond Blue
  • Ingrid Ozols, Mental Health at Work
  • Carol Purtell, Senior Advisor, Senior Training Facilitator, eMHPrac, Queensland University of Technology

MindSpot international consultants include:

  • Professor Gerhard Andersson, Linkoping University and Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • Professor Heather Hadjistavropoulos, University of Regina, Canada
  • Professor David Mohr, Northwestern University, USA

MindSpot is Clinical Partner of the Mental Wheels Foundation. The Foundation aims to improve the mental health of Australians by taking action through initiatives including the Mental Wheels Tour, fundraising and delivering scholarships.

Mental Wheels Foundation

MQ Health is Australia’s first fully integrated academic health sciences centre under a University’s leadership. Founded to advance the tripartite missions of clinical care, learning and research, MQ Health is bold and ambitious in their pursuit of patient-centred excellence.

MindSpot is a flagship clinic at MQ Health.​