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Who we are

The MindSpot Clinic is a free service for Australian adults who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, stress, depression and low mood. We provide online Screening Assessments and Treatment Courses, or we can help you find local services that can help.

MindSpot is made up of a team of over 30 Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals who are passionate about providing a free and effective service to people all over Australia. We have a dedicated IT team to ensure that this happens as securely and efficiently as possible. MindSpot is based at Macquarie University, Sydney, and we are funded by the Australian government.

Quick Facts

You are not alone.
Over 3 million Australians experience significant symptoms of anxiety and depression every year. We have provided services to people aged 18-94 from every state and territory in Australia.

We are here to help.
MindSpot has been designed to provide free and easily accessible help to people who need some skills to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression better.

There are other people who can help.
If MindSpot treatment is not right for you we will direct you somewhere more suitable.

Our courses require a small commitment.
Our treatment courses take approximately 8 weeks

We have helped others in the past.
Over 10,000 people have been through our courses.

Our courses do work.
Most people find symptoms of anxiety and depression reduce by 50%. 95% of people report that they would refer a friend.

We invite you to explore our website, telephone us with questions, or click here to learn more about our Online Screening Assessment.

Who is in the Mindspot Project Team?

We are fortunate to have a number of local and international partnerships to ensure that we stay at the forefront of providing online treatment approaches for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. The local Mindspot team based at Macquarie University includes Project Director Professor Nick Titov, Clinic Director Ms Carol Purtell, Associate Professor Blake Dear, Mr Greg Bezuidenhout, Professor Ron Rapee, and Professor Simon Willcock. Other Australian Project team members are Professor David Kavanagh (Queensland University of Technology); Professor James Bennett-Levy (University of Sydney), Ms Carlie Schofield (Indigenous Advisor), and Mr Alan Woodward (Lifeline).

MindSpot International Consultants include Professor Gerhard Andersson (Linkoping University and Karolinska Institute, Sweden), Professor Heather Hadjistavropoulos (University of Regina, Canada), and Professor David Mohr (Northwestern University, USA).