Support young people under 18 years of age - MindSpot Clinic

Are You Under 18 Years Of Age

​We regret that we are unable to provide services to people aged under 18 years. But, we are pleased to tell you that the following services specialise in supporting young people.

First Steps

  • Talk to your parents or a trusted adult in your family
  • Speak to your school counsellor
  • Visit your local doctor (GP)

Need Support Or Feeling Unsafe?

Just Need Support?

  • Kids Helpline:, 1800 55 18 00
  • Youth beyondblue:, 1300 22 46 36
  • Eheadspace:
  • Headspace: Headspace also provides face-to-face assessment and counselling at drop-in centres with access to doctors and other services.
  • Reachout:
  • CAMHS: Your local Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service can help (contact your local hospital for more details about accessing free psychological assessment and treatment).

Are You Feeling Unsafe?

For Parents

In a Crisis?