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How Does MindSpot Clinic Work

Referal steps

1. Referral

Referral starts by registering for a MindSpot health professional account here. Once you have an account, you can refer your patients directly and securely through the application.

2. Assessment

We will contact your patient and support them to complete the MindSpot Online Screening Assessment.

3. Treatment

We will support your patient to complete an 8-week evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy online course. They will able to access weekly contact from one of our experienced therapists. We will monitor their progress and safety and will check their progress 3 months after completing a course.

4. Feedback about Assessment and Treatment

For patients who have given consent, we will send you their Assessment Report, as well as updates about their treatment if they have enrolled a MindSpot Treatment Course

Why do I need to register?

  • Registration is once off and will give you access to refer patients to MindSpot
  • You can refer multiple patients using the one login
  • Online referral is fast and can be done at any time (24/7)
  • You can access and download your patient's assessment reports at any time *
  • Referring health practitioners are able to follow their patient's progress in treatment *

* Patient's consent is sought at the point of referral and throughout their engagement at the MindSpot Clinic. They can withdraw consent at any time by advising us, at which point Health Professional's access to their records will be restricted.

Register to refer patients