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Our Results

Assessment Results

We currently provide online or telephone screening assessments to about 350 new people each week. Since we launched the service in late 2012 we have had more than 45,000 Australians register to complete a MindSpot Screening Assessment. Each person who completes an assessment is encouraged to speak to one of our highly trained and experienced therapists about their results so that we can support them to decide about treatment options that can help, including local mental health services. We also make Assessment Reports available for download and with the person's permission we send a copy of that Report to their GP or to another health professional.

Treatment Results

All of our treatment courses have been carefully developed and evaluated in clinical trials at the eCentreClinic, Macquarie University.

Most people using our treatments experience a significant improvement in the severity of their symptoms of anxiety and depression. The graph below indicates the proportion of people who had symptoms in the "clinical rangeā€ (blue bar) at assessment, and the number who remained in that range (orange bar) after treatment and 3-months post-treatment (grey bar). Even if people remain in the clinical range, they often still experience reductions in symptoms. If people still need help post-treatment we help them to access that care.

We obtain similar results regardless of a person's age, gender, symptoms, or where they live. People using Mindspot come from every State and Territory in Australia, from both cities and rural localities including remote Australia, and the age range is from 18 to 94 years of age (and counting!). Our experience is that providing the person is able to commit to working on the treatment course for at least 6 weeks, they are likely to see improvements.

A final important result to note is that these improvements are usually sustained for at least 3-months after treatment ends. In fact, results from our eCentreClinic using the Wellbeing Treatment Course with 1,000 people tell us the improvements are sustained for at least 2 years post-treatment. Of course, people still experience occasional lapses in their symptoms, but they intend to be more confident dealing with those symptoms and bounce back more quickly.

Clinical Improvements (Proportion in clinical range; N= 6289 patients)

Depression and Anxiety Graph

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