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Educating the next generation of mental-health professionals: MindSpot launches new Academy

Tuesday, 20 October 2020
Known for world-class digital mental health services, this month, MindSpot has launched a new education and learning program, the MindSpot Academy.
Specially designed to educate the next generation of mental health professionals, the MindSpot Academy is set to welcome new recruits over the coming months and years into different roles and placement opportunities.

Now more than ever, digital mental health is helping Australians navigate a challenging and rapidly changing world.

On the launch of the new Academy, MindSpot Executive Director, Professor Nick Titov reflected on the importance of investing in the training and education of Australia’s future digital mental health workforce.
“Our vision is to build an emotionally resilient world and make mental healthcare accessible to all Australians. To achieve the delivery of safe and effective care, we need to provide quality training and supervision.”

The MindSpot Academy scope

In the first year of operations, the MindSpot Academy will foster emerging talent through three pathways, which initially target psychologists in training.

First, the Clinical Registrar Program will take graduates of a Masters of Clinical Psychology program through their registrar program. Second, psychologists completing the 5+1 pathway, can also complete their 6th year supervised practice period, with all supervision provided by MindSpot. Finally, MindSpot has a long history of hosting Clinical Psychology student placements, as part of their intern training.

Heading into the remainder of 2020, The Academy has already recruited five provisional psychologists, four registrars and six students.

Future aspirations

While the launch of these three formal learning and development pathways is a significant step, the Clinic team has bigger plans for the future of the Academy.

MindSpot Clinic Director, Rheza Tan is excited to lead the new Academy and is looking forward to its growth in years to come.
“Our aspiration is to eventually build the MindSpot Academy into a trusted and well-regarded environment for mental health professionals to develop their clinical skills. Eventually, we envisage offering various learning and development programs to mental health professionals in digital mental health and to share access to our tools and resources for use in their own practices.”

Over seven years serving more than 140,000 Australians

Since MindSpot’s inception in 2012, the clinic has served over 140,000 Australians. Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, the clinic provides innovative digital mental health services including digital assessments and online treatment courses.

Being government funded, the service is free to Australian adults and used by people across metropolitan and regional locations.

MindSpot employs a highly skilled workforce, including: Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Counsellors and Mental Health Nurses.

For more information on the training pathways and how to apply, visit the MindSpot Academy website.