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Information for Health Professionals

The MindSpot Clinic provides high quality and convenient online assessment and treatment for adults with anxiety and depression.

  • The MindSpot Clinic is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the federal government, meaning it is a free service for you and your patients
  • The MindSpot team comprises psychologists, psychiatrists, mental-health workers and researchers committed to reducing barriers to effective care
  • Our online courses have been found to be clinically effective in more than 45 clinical trials with over 10,000 participants at our research clinic
  • To date, the MindSpot Clinic has provided services to 40,000 Australians

Online Referral

1. Online Referral

Click here to complete an online referral form

Pass on details

2. Pass On Our Details

You can give patients our website and contact details.

Print Out

3. Print Out An
Information Sheet

You can print out our information sheet and provide it to your patients.

Clinical Improvements (Proportion in clinical range; N= 4000 patients)

Depression and Anxiety Graph

of MindSpot patients report they would refer a friend

Peer-reviewed publications describing these results can be found at the eCentreClinic

How Does MindSpot Clinic Work

Referal steps

1. Referral

You can refer your patients directly and securely by filling out a simple online form here.

2. Assessment

We will contact your patient and support them to complete the MindSpot Online Screening Assessment.

3. Treatment

We will support your patient to complete an 8-week evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy online course. They will able to access weekly contact from one of our experienced therapists. We will monitor their progress and safety and will check their progress 3 months after completing a course.

4. Feedback about Assessment and Treatment

For patients who have given consent, we will send you their Assessment Report, as well as updates about their treatment if they have enrolled a MindSpot Treatment Course

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